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There are two ways to add an apprentice – one at a time using the form or a bulk upload via a CSV file.


To add a single apprentice, ensure that you are in the Apprentice Tab, click Add Apprentice ‚ button.

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The Apprentice record is now ready to be completed:


— Basic Information


— Employer Details


— Identifiers (NI Number, other unique identifiers and NOT the ACW No.)


Once all of the mandatory fields have been completed (these are marked with a * ) select Create Item. This will then reveal 3 new tabs:


— Framework


— Status


— Current Evidence


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Select which Frameworks will be completed by the Apprentice.




This tab shows the Status of the Apprentice. When you add an Apprentice it will automatically be given the status Entered.




The Frameworks selected will determine which evidence is required for certification. Further information can be found here.


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