3. Apprentices

Add a Single Apprentice


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There are two ways to add an apprentice – one at a time using the form or a bulk upload via a CSV file.


To add a single apprentice, ensure that you are in the Apprentice Tab, click Add Apprentice ‚ button.


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The Apprentice record is now ready to be completed:


— Basic Information


— Employer Details


— Identifiers (NI Number, other unique identifiers and NOT the ACW No.)


Once all of the mandatory fields have been completed (these are marked with a * ) select Create Item. This will then reveal 3 new tabs:


— Framework


— Status


— Current Evidence



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Select which Frameworks will be completed by the Apprentice.




This tab shows the Status of the Apprentice. When you add an Apprentice it will automatically be given the status Entered.




The Frameworks selected will determine which evidence is required for certification. Further information can be found here.

Bulk Upload Apprentices


Under the Apprentices tab  you have the facility to bulk upload ‚ apprentices to the ACW system.


There is a template available for you to download and populate. Once complete you will need to save the document as a CSV file before uploading to the system. Click here to see our Bulk Upload User Manual.


Once the file has been loaded to ACW you will need to enter the framework details for each apprentice.


008 bulk upload



How to Search for an Apprentice

The Apprentice Tab allows you to search for and view all Apprentices undertaking an Apprenticeship within your training facility.


There are a variety of search options, using both text and drop down menus. This allows you to set the required search criteria. You can search by:

— Centre

— Framework

— Status

— Ref No. (ACW No. or NI No.)

— Keyword

— Date of Birth (from/to)

— Registration Date (from/to)

— Certification Date (from/to)


• When you have set your required search criteria click the Search Button.


• Or click the Magnifying Glass ƒ to reveal the Find „option. The drop down menu… allows you to search by:

— Surname

— Forename

— NI Number


• Once you have entered your search criteria you must then press the enter key to initiate the search.


• To navigate between pages you can use the blue arrow keys or type in the white box area to specify a page.


• The Displaying information text shows how many items there are in total and what page is showing.




Adding Evidence to an Apprentice Record


The Certificate Evidence tab provides a list of all evidence required for certification. All evidence must be loaded separately next to each requirement.


— Select the Browse button, a pop up will open where you can select the appropriate file from your system.


— Click Open and the file will be uploaded to ACW.






Please note, the maximum file size is 3MB. Any larger and the system will not accept the upload.




010 adding evidence

Submit an Apprentice for Certification


• Once you have uploaded all evidence, go to the Status tab and change the status to Pending Certification. This will open a validation box where you can check:


— Mandatory fields have been completed.


— All evidence has been uploaded.


— Completion date has been entered.


— Any missing information will be highlighted in red.


The 10-day turnaround time starts from the date the apprentice is submitted for certification. You can view this in the days elapsed column on the View Apprentices page.


011 submit certification 1

012 submit certification 2



When the Certifying Body has reviewed the submission, they will change the status to one of the following:



This means that the Certifying Body is satisfied that all of the components within the Apprenticeship Certificate claim have been successfully completed by the apprentice. The certificate is now ready to print, once the certificate has been printed the apprentice record will be removed from the this tab and the status will say certificate printed.



This means that the Certifying Body is not satisfied that all of the components within the Apprenticeship Certificate claim have been successfully completed by the apprentice. The reason for the rejection will be e-mailed to the main Centre Admin User and the person who submitted the submission.

Refer to Manage Rejected Apprentices for further information.




Please note it is important to keep email addresses up to date on the system so you don’t miss the notifications.



Printing or Exporting Apprentice Data


Use the drop-down to select the number of Apprentices to print (up to maximum of 100).


• Select Print View‚ to print the list view of the selected number of Apprentices


• Select the Export All button ƒ to export the apprentices listed on screen. This will open as an Excel spread sheet.




We recommend that you limit the list for printing or exporting to 100 apprentices as anymore may slow the system down.



Manage Rejected Apprentices


• The Rejected tab allows you to view all of the Apprentices that have been rejected for certification, by the Certification Body. The number in brackets on the tab indicates the number of Apprentices that are currently in this category.


• To view a rejected Apprentice, double click on their name and their record will open.


• Click on the Status Tab ƒand the Status History will be displayed.


• Click on Rejected Request and the reason for, and date of rejection will be recorded.


• Once changes have been made return to the Status tab.


• You are able to add additional comments to the rejection history in the comment box and select Add Comment „before navigating away from the page.


• Once the changes have been made, re-submit the apprentice in the Status tab.


015 rejected apprentices

Manage Apprentices Awaiting Certification

The system prevents two users editing an apprentice’s record at the same time. This will appear as being Locked. When the second user tries to open the record they will be presented with a read-only view.

You can see who has the record open under the apprentice tab. If that person is unavailable then please contact the ACW Support Team to unlock the record.



Checking Evidence & Changing the Status


If there are queries raised by either the Centre or Certification Body regarding certain pieces of evidence FISSS have the final say.


FISSS will look at the evidence on the system and if accepted will add a note under the individual evidence to provide clarity on why the evidence has been accepted and this will be locked so that the Centre is unable to amend the evidence once accepted. This could happen prior to the Certification Body reviewing the evidence but you will be able to see the comment added by the FISSS.


View Awaiting Certification


(also referred to as Pending Certification)


• The Awaiting Certification Tab allows you to view all of the Apprentices that are awaiting certification. The number in brackets on the tab indicates the number of Apprentices that are currently in this category.


• You will be able to see how many days have elapsed since submission in line with the 10-day turnaround.


010_awaiting certification

View Certificate Approved


• The Certificate Approved Tab allows you to view all of the Apprentices that have been authorised for certification and waiting for their certificate to be printed. The number in brackets on the tab indicates the number of Apprentices that are currently in this category.