Knowledge Base / Getting Access to ACW

Providers (known as Centres) need to register to get access to ACW. This is done by completing an online registration request form which can be accessed via:


Centres select all of the SSCs/SSBs (known as Certification Bodies) they need to work with and once the registration form is submitted, the ACW access request is sent to the Administrator at each of the selected Certification Bodies.


ACW Administrators at each of the relevant Certification Bodies register the Centre and create an Administrator account and password which is then sent to the e-mail address provided on the submitted ACW access request form.


Certification bodies also assign Centres the necessary access to the required frameworks. Centre Administrators can now access ACW and can create additional user accounts within their organisation.


They can now use ACW to input learner data and load the evidence required to claim an Apprenticeship completion certificate.

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