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Using ACW

Please check to see that the computer you are using meets the following requirements below and has the features listed on the right set as enabled. This is to ensure that your use of this application is as efficient as possible.



In order to process the amount of data and functions of the application, we recommend that your processor speed should be at least 1 Gigahertz (GHz).


System Memory

You will need at least 2 Gigabytes (2GB) of System Memory (RAM) to ensure all the features of the application are working smoothly.


Operating System

As our application is designed for the web, the application is compatible with all the newer operating systems (Windows XP onwards, Lion OSX, Linux).


Web Browser

Whilst we aim to build our application to work on the majority of web browsers we strongly recommend updating your browser to the latest version to ensure your computer is displaying the website as intended.
Supported versions are:
MS Edge
IE 11Safari > v7
Chrome > v22
Firefox > v27

If you are an Internet Explorer user please ensure you have the latest version.With IE there are some further versions with support but with this the users will have to enable it, IE 8,9,10 only on Windows 7 or later, however we would recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox instead.

Proxy or Cached Version

In order to speed up the loading of a website web browsers and proxies (a system often used within organisations to manage all their users) use a technique called Caching which takes a snapshot of the website and shows it to the user when they re-visit it later. This is beneficial for websites that don’t often change, however this can be a problem for our application as it will show, for example, an apprentice’s old status thus causing issues. If you are unsure about this setting please speak to your IT department.



If you experience any issues accessing our application you may need to ask your IT Department to whitelist the website address


For more information or to contact the ACW Support Team, please e-mail or call 0300 303 4444.


Your Computer Details

Operating System:
Screen Size:
AJAX Support:


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