Knowledge Base / How to Search for an Apprentice

The Apprentice Tab allows you to search for and view all Apprentices undertaking an Apprenticeship within your training facility.


There are a variety of search options, using both text and drop down menus. This allows you to set the required search criteria. You can search by:

— Centre

— Framework

— Status

— Ref No. (ACW No. or NI No.)

— Keyword

— Date of Birth (from/to)

— Registration Date (from/to)

— Certification Date (from/to)


• When you have set your required search criteria click the Search Button.


• Or click the Magnifying Glass ƒ to reveal the Find „option. The drop down menu… allows you to search by:

— Surname

— Forename

— NI Number


• Once you have entered your search criteria you must then press the enter key to initiate the search.


• To navigate between pages you can use the blue arrow keys or type in the white box area to specify a page.


• The Displaying information text shows how many items there are in total and what page is showing.




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