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The Federation is the designated Certifying Authority for Apprenticeships in Wales. To

manage this process the Federation developed a bespoke, online system, known as

Apprenticeship Certificates Wales (ACW). Through this system the Federation delegates

responsibility to individual Certification Bodies (Sector Skills Councils and Standard

Setting Bodies).


During summer 2013 ACW was implemented, which is the web based system designed to

enable access to training providers, employers and apprentices to request Apprenticeship

completion certificates.


The Federation has developed a centralised payment system for all Apprenticeship

completion certifications processed on the ACW system.


There are two options for paying through the payment system, either:


1. Pre-pay – this option will allow you to bulk buy credits1 for certificates that will be added

to a balance on the ACW system, and deducted when candidates are submitted for



2. One off payment (pay at submission) – This option will allow you to use a credit/debit

card to pay for the certificate when you submit the Apprenticeship certification claim for



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