Knowledge Base / Overview

Once you have logged in to ACW, you will see this home screen with the following options:


1. Apprentices – View, Add or Bulk Upload

apprentices, search for and edit apprentice details.


2. Rejected – View and update apprentices for certification.


3. Awaiting Certification – View and update apprentices

awaiting certification.


4. Payment Pending – View and update which apprentice

certificates are still to be paid for (if applicable).


5. Certificate Approved – View apprentices that are

waiting for their certificate to be printed. Once they have

been printed the apprentice will be removed from this folder.


6. Notifications – View messages from the Federation and

Certification Bodies about system/certification process

changes or updates.


NB:- The numbers in brackets, on each of the tabs,

indicates the number of records currently active within each

of the tabbed categories.


ADDITIONAL OPTIONS – along bottom of screen


7. Top – Takes you back to the top of the current screen.


8. Contact Us – Contact details for Federation for Industry

Sector Skills and Standards Managers of ACW.


9. Users – Allows users of ACW to be created.

More information can be found here.


10. Organisation Details – Check organisation details.


11. Search Tools – You can use the search tools to filter

information. More information can be found here

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