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Once logged into the central payment system you will see the dashboard homepage summarising recent activity in purchasing credits.


– The latest purchase details basic information of your previous transaction.


– The summary of credits details current credit levels and how many have been used


– The minimum threshold is managed by the Finance User and is designed as an indicator to notify the Finance User and ACW administrator/s when the credits are running low. To set the Threshold enter the minimum number into the box and click the yellow update threshold button.


In order to purchase credits you will need to select the option to purchase credits by either selecting the tab at the top of the page or the yellow button at the bottom of the page.


If you choose to pay for certificates using this method, you will be able to purchase credits for all of your ACW administrators to access. Each time an administrator submits an apprentice for certification one credit will be deducted.





This process allows the Finance User to purchase a certain amount of credits that will be available for all ACW Users in your organisation to use.


There are three steps to the payment system listed across the top:

• Transaction information

• Payment

• Order confirmation


The yellow square indicates what stage of the process you are at. On the order platform there are three areas:

• Credit quantity

• Unit cost

• Total Cost


Enter the amount of credits that you would like to purchase. The system will automatically calculate the total cost based on the £22 unit cost. You will need to accept the terms and conditions by ticking the box before you can proceed. To view the terms and conditions please click the underlined link. Once you are happy with the order, click the yellow proceed button.





You will then proceed to the payment page where you will need to enter the card details that you wish to pay with:


• Card Number

• Expiry Date (MM/YYYY)

• CVV/CVC Number

• Issue Number (if available)


Once all the details have been entered select the option to continue. The system will then

verify the details that you have entered before confirming the order.


You may at this stage be directed to 3D Secure which is linked to your bank. If you are, please complete the details and submit. Once you submit you will return to the central payment system.


You will be notified when the payment has been accepted and you will be able to view confirmation of the payment by selecting the view confirmation button.




The confirmation will be displayed and a unique order number will be assigned to the transaction noted in red at the top of the order platform.


You also have the option to print confirmation by selecting the yellow Print Confirmation button.


The receipt also provides you with a validation code. This code is for you to track payments with your bank.


There are no minimum/maximum limits to the amount of credits that you purchase or how often your purchase them. These will be down to your individual organisational preferences.





Under the transaction history tab you will be able to view all completed transactions since the account was activated.


By double clicking on an individual transaction you will be able to view basic information

regarding the transaction as well as having the option to print this page.





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