Knowledge Base / Finance User Profile

Only one person within the training organisation will be authorised to purchase credits for Apprenticeship certification and will normally be assigned to the Finance User role.


There are two payment options to pre-pay for credits, either via a credit card or by BACS, or you can pay via pay as you go.


You will need to request log in information by completing the form on the ACW website at The form requires some basic information and once submitted the Federation will complete your profile and contact you with your login credentials. If the Federation need to contact you regarding your profile you will need to have the following information to hand:


• Centre details (if you have more than one centre requiring access to the credits you purchase)


• Payment method (via pre-pay credit card, pay as you go or BACS)


The Finance User will only need to log into the payment system to pre-pay for credits. Once credits have been purchased the credits will be allocated to the Finance User and be accessible to associated ACW Users.



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