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Framework Title: Cleaning and Environmental Support Services
ID: FR05046
Level/s: 2, 3
Issuing Authority: Instructus
Issue Date: 17/11/2022

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This apprenticeship has been designed with the help of employers to attract new people into the Cleaning and Environmental Services sector and to upskill the existing workforce with qualifications at or above Level 2. The Foundation Apprenticeship has three pathways, Cleaning & Support Services, Local Environmental Services and Pest Management.

The new Apprenticeship in Cleaning Supervision has been developed as a route from Level 2 for those looking to progress in the sector as Supervisors or Team Leaders. Cleaning covers a variety of job roles within a wide range of organisations. Job titles could be hygiene operative, specialist cleaner, window cleaner and passenger transport valet.

Local Environmental Services involves a combination of cleaning and horticultural skills. Apprentices would normally work for local authorities and housing associations. Job titles could be neighbourhood services assistant or operative.

Pest Management is a new pathway and involves the controlled management of pests.


Apprentices would normally work for pest control organisations, local authorities or within larger cleaning or facilites management companies. Job titles include Pest Management Technician or Operative.


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