Acceptable Evidence Guidance – 11th September Update

8th September 2017

In May 2017, we updated the latest version of the Acceptable Evidence Guidance for ACW. Since then we have made the following changes:

New Pages

We have added a new Awarding Organisation:

Open Awards


Changes to Existing Pages

CACHE: due to re-branding we have added updated acceptable and unacceptable evidence.

CCEA:  we added an Essential Skills certificate.

City & Guilds: we have added an unacceptable Unit Credit Certificate which we have also added to Pre-2006 Transferable Skills Evidence.

NCFE:  due to re-branding we have added updated acceptable evidence.

NOCN: we have added an acceptable NOCN/Quartz report.

OCR: we have added a new acceptable piece of evidence showing the latest GCSE grading.

If you have any further questions relating to this issue then please contact the ACE Support Team via or by calling 0300 303 4444.

Acceptable Evidence Guidance – 9th May 2017

9th May 2017

In January 2017, we updated the latest version of the Acceptable Evidence Guidance for ACW. Since then we have made the following changes:

New Pages
Two additional Awarding Organisations have been added to the Guidance:

Changes to Existing Pages
AAT: have withdrawn an evidence example which has been moved into Withdrawn Evidence, but will still be acceptable until the 8th August 2017.
Cambridge International Examinations (CIE): we have added an acceptable International Certificate of Education.
OCR: we have added a new unacceptable piece of evidence.
Edexcel: we have added a new acceptable IGCSE certificate.
International GCSE (IGCSE): we have added a new acceptable IGCSE certificate.
SQA: we have updated the evidence to include screenshots and reports from their online systems as well as new Certificate examples.

If you have any further questions relating to this issue then please contact the ACW Support Team via or by calling 0300 303 4444.

Acceptable Evidence Guidance – 26 January 2017 Update

26th January 2017

In December 2016, we updated the latest version of the Acceptable Evidence Guidance for ACW.  Since then we have made the following changes:

OCR: It has been brought to our attention that it depends on the date of initial achievement as to whether a ****Final Certifying Statement of Results**** shows a Statement number (8) and we have therefore agreed with OCR that it will be removed with immediate effect as a minimum requirement.

We have also added 2 pieces of Unacceptable evidence from the interchange system which only show Test Results rather than achievement of the full qualification.

The Learning Record Service made some significant changes to the way they report qualification achievement last month. Subsequently, it has been brought to our attention that if the source of the information is the ILR or NPD then the level of the qualification will now be shown in the qualification title/aim description and not the Level field. Evidence is acceptable in this format and the guidance has been updated to reflect this.

Pearson have rebranded and we have added a BTEC certificate and an Edexcel certificate to reflect this.

CMIS: We have made a couple of minor alterations to the minimum requirements (points 4 and 5) to incorporate alternative report examples that have been brought to our attention.  Please hyperlink as above.

iSAMS:  We have added a new management information system (iSAMS) which is used within schools.  Please hyperlink as above.

Acceptable Evidence Guidance – 14th December 2016 Update

14th December 2016

In October 2016, we created  the Acceptable Evidence Guidance for ACW. Since then we have made the following changes:

The Learning Record Service have made some quite significant changes to the way they report qualification achievement. Learning Record Service (PLR) / Personal Learner Record (LRS)

Additions to Existing Pages:

•    EAL have added an External Assessment Report (unacceptable)
•    NCFE have added an updated Learner Achievement Report (acceptable)
•    AQA have asked us to remove the QAN requirement from all relevant evidence.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the update to this guidance. We plan to carry out quarterly updates of the guidance if there is a sufficient supply of new evidence suitable for inclusion. If you would like to submit an evidence example for consideration please contact the Support Team.

Modifications to the Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for Wales (SASW)

14th October 2016


From the 14th October 2016, Welsh Government will amend the Specifications for Apprenticeship Standards in Wales to allow proxies and alternative qualifications to be accepted in lieu of Essential Skills Wales (ESW) / Essential Skills Qualifications (ESQ) in Communication, and in Application of Number for transferable skills.


The modification means that the qualifications like GCSEs, A/AS Levels, Functional Skills, and nation specific qualifications for English and Maths, that were previously excluded, have now been brought into scope for acceptability within SASW frameworks.


No proxies or alternatives are currently being accepted for ICT/Digital Literacy.


An updated version of the SASW and guidance documents can be found here SASW Oct 2016


Please note since this involves a statutory process, proxies and alternative qualifications will only be accepted for people commencing their framework on or after the 14th October 2016. This will not apply retrospectively and anyone starting their framework prior to this date must comply with the previous SASW requirements. For further guidance on pre 14/10/16 requirements please click see the Transferable Skills (Starts up to 13th Oct 2016) document.


The Federation for Industry Skills and Standards (FISSS) have created an ACW Transferable Skills guidance document in line with these changes, and this can be accessed through the  ACW Knowledge Base .


We have also created an Acceptable Evidence guidance tool fully integrated with the ACW website, making it easier to navigate and find individual evidence examples.


Please also note that any SASW frameworks issued on or after 14th October 2016 will no longer include ERR as a compulsory element. However, some sectors may decide to retain the requirement for ERR so please check the specific framework document for further details.


The AFO online website where all SASW frameworks are held.  You can find current, archive, and legacy frameworks in the ‘Framework Library’. All current SASW frameworks will be automatically updated on the 14th of October with a new cover sheet detailing how the above changes impact on the framework document. If you are unsure about the requirements of a SASW framework please speak with the Issuing Authority contact as listed in the framework document


You can also sign up here for email notifications when a framework is issued or changed:


If you have any further questions relating to this issue then please contact the ACW Support Team via or by calling 0300 303 4444.

Updated ACW Guidance Document

23rd February 2016

Following on from discussions with the Welsh Government we are please to release our updated ACW Guidance Notes to version 3.  This guidance will replace the previous guidance issued in 2014, and includes information on the new Essential Skills Qualifications (ESQs).


If you require any further information please contact the support team.


Changes to Essential Skills Wales

19th November 2015

There are changes underway relating to Essential Skills Wales (ESW), however these are currently awaiting for ministerial approval. The new ESW qualifications will be titled:

•    Essential Communication Skills
•    Essential Application of Number Skills
•    Essential Digital Literacy Skills


The current proposal for the changeover is for the current ESW qualifications to continue to be available for registration until 31 December 2015 with the last certificate date of 31 December 2016. The Federation are in regular communication with the Welsh Government and will post any further updates here.


Bank Holiday Closure

20th May 2015

The Office will be closed all day Monday 25th May and will reopen at 8:30am Tuesday 26th.


ACW will still be available for processing apprenticeship claims as normal. Any email queries may have a delayed response time.


System Support Team


ACE System Offline 06/01/2015 and 09/01/2015 – 12/01/2015

6th January 2015

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Federation have been forced to find new hosting suppliers for our Websites and Online Certification Systems (ACE, ACW and MA Online v2). Unfortunately a delay with our new supplier has meant that the domain has been placed offline temporarily. We are working to get the system back up and running as quickly as possible however ACE may be offline until 10 a.m. tomorrow morning (7th January). You will not be able to view the ACE website or access the system during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we will keep you all informed of any developments throughout the day.


Whilst this current downtime was unexpected, we have essential maintenance scheduled to start at 9a.m on Friday 9th January. You will not be able to access, and during this period of maintenance. We anticipate that this will be completed by 9a.m. on Monday 12th January and you will be able to access all websites as normal from this time.


We apologise again for the disruption caused by this maintenance and we thank you for your patience. If you have any questions please contact the System Support Team on 0300 303 4444 (option 1, option 1) and


Change of Framework ownership

19th December 2014


The framework Laboratory and Science Technicians framework is changing ownership from SEMTA to Cogent as of 2nd January 2015. This will mean that when you make any Apprenticeship Certification Claims for this framework you will need to go through Cogent not SEMTA. Some of you may not currently work with Cogent and so you will need to contact Cogent via the contact details below and request that you are issued with login details along with the framework Laboratory and Science Technicians.


If you already work with Cogent, you will need to make contact to ask for the framework to be added to your current available frameworks.




Please note that any Apprenticeship Certification Claims currently awaiting certification will remain with SEMTA only new apprentices will be registered with Cogent. If you have any at the entered stage these will need to be entered under Cogent.


If you have any questions on what you need to do please do not hesitate to contact the ACW support team via 0300 303 4444 or