1. Getting Started (7 Topics)

Introduction to ACW

FISSS is the certifying authority for apprenticeships in Wales and hosts Apprenticeship Certificates Wales (ACW). Working in partnership with the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), FISSS shares the belief that a sectoral approach is the best way to … Continue reading

Getting Access to ACW

Providers (known as Centres) need to register to get access to ACW. This is done by completing an online registration request form which can be accessed via: www.acwcerts.co.uk/register_centre   Centres select all of the SSCs/SSBs (known as Certification Bodies) they … Continue reading

Logging In

  • Go to www.acwcerts.co.uk   • Click on the Login button. • Enter your Username and Password.   • Click the Login button to enter.   • Please refer to the system checker to make sure your system meets … Continue reading

How do I check my computer meets the minimum specification?

Using ACW Please check to see that the computer you are using meets the following requirements below and has the features listed on the right set as enabled. This is to ensure that your use of this application is as … Continue reading

What browser do you recommend using for the ACW System?

For full functionality we recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. You may encounter some display issues when using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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2. Administration (4 Topics)

Add or Edit Users

  To add a new user:   — Select the Users Tab and click Add User. — Enter all of the information ensuring that the contact details are correct. — Once complete, select Create Item.       To edit … Continue reading

Disable User Accounts

  The Certification Body Administration User can disable accounts on the system. By disabling the account it will mean that the record of previous work is kept but the User will no longer have access to the system.   • … Continue reading

View or Amend Organisation Details

This is where you can view the organisation details. If there are any amendments required please contact the relevant Certification Body.

Download Reports

Within the Organisation Details tab select the yellow Report tab. Here you can use the drop down menus ‚to select the information you would like detailed in the report.   • Click on the Download Report button and this will … Continue reading

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3. Apprentices (12 Topics)

View Awaiting Certification

  (also referred to as Pending Certification)   • The Awaiting Certification Tab allows you to view all of the Apprentices that are awaiting certification. The number in brackets on the tab indicates the number of Apprentices that are currently … Continue reading

View Payment Pending

  (This tab is NOT used by all Bodies)   • The number in brackets on the tab indicates the number of Apprentices that are currently in this category.   • Where it is in use, it shows the list … Continue reading

View Certificate Approved

  • The Certificate Approved Tab allows you to view all of the Apprentices that have been authorised for certification and waiting for their certificate to be printed. The number in brackets on the tab indicates the number of Apprentices … Continue reading

Add a Single Apprentice

  Step 1 of 3   There are two ways to add an apprentice – one at a time using the form or a bulk upload via a CSV file.   To add a single apprentice, ensure that you are … Continue reading

Bulk Upload Apprentices

  Under the Apprentices tab  you have the facility to bulk upload ‚ apprentices to the ACW system.   There is a template available for you to download and populate. Once complete you will need to save the document … Continue reading

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4. Bulk Upload (5 Topics)


This guide is designed to take you through the Bulk Upload process step by step. It has been designed to be interactive and so when you see text in this format: example link, it means that there is a link … Continue reading

How Do I Access The Bulk Upload Facility?

In order to use the Bulk Upload facility you will need to log into www.acwcerts.co.uk   Once logged in under the Apprentices tab  you will see the option Bulk Upload ‚.   This will take you to the Bulk … Continue reading

Bulk Upload Codes

The spreadsheet requires all mandatory fields to be completed for the Apprentice and Employer details. Both of these have drop down menus for selections to be made such as ethnicity and gender. Where there is a drop down menu, a … Continue reading

Bulk Upload Template – Excel Format

When you are on the Bulk Upload page you are able to download the Excel (XLS) empty template . You can either save the file or open the document. It will open within Excel.   TIP We recommend that you … Continue reading

Bulk Upload Template – CSV Format

Please note, if you wish to use the CSV method for Bulk Upload, you will need to contact the ACW Support team for the CSV file. Once you have the file you will be able to follow this guidance on … Continue reading

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5. Central Payment System (8 Topics)

Guidance Document

We have created a useful how to document which explains step-by-step how the new Central Payment System will work. The guide gives an overview of the system and describes the differences between the 3 payment methods;   – Pre-pay by … Continue reading

Video Tutorials – How To Make Payments

To help with the transition to our new Central Payment System we have created three video tutorials which explain the different payment options.   Central Payment System – Pre-Pay by BACS   Central Payment System – Pre-Pay by Credit Card … Continue reading


The Federation is the designated Certifying Authority for Apprenticeships in Wales. To manage this process the Federation developed a bespoke, online system, known as Apprenticeship Certificates Wales (ACW). Through this system the Federation delegates responsibility to individual Certification Bodies (Sector … Continue reading

Finance User Profile

Only one person within the training organisation will be authorised to purchase credits for Apprenticeship certification and will normally be assigned to the Finance User role.   There are two payment options to pre-pay for credits, either via a credit … Continue reading

Payment Methods – Pre-Pay Credit Card

Once logged into the central payment system you will see the dashboard homepage summarising recent activity in purchasing credits.   – The latest purchase details basic information of your previous transaction.   – The summary of credits details current credit levels and how many … Continue reading

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6. Central Payment System (CPS) (FAQ) (20 Topics)

Does the £22 include VAT?

The certificates are not VAT applicable; £22 is the total cost per certificate.

Will I be refunded if a learner does not complete their apprenticeship?

Unfortunately if an apprentice is rejected or fails and never receives a certificate we won’t refund the used credit. The ACW system is designed to give users the opportunity to check the apprentice has all the correct evidence for their certificate … Continue reading

Will I be refunded if a learner is entered and submitted twice, or entered in error?

Unfortunately if two credits have been used against the same candidate due to an error in your organisation we are unable to refund the second credit. Equally if a learner is submitted in error we will not refund the credit. … Continue reading

If we pay via credits is there a minimum purchase?

No there is no minimum or maximum. You can buy as few or as many as you require.

How often do we need to purchase credits?

You can purchase credits as often as you need. This could be daily, weekly or monthly. There is a facility for a minimum threshold within the system which can be set by you. Once this threshold is reached an email … Continue reading

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