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Framework Title: Higher Apprenticeship in Probate
ID: FR04001
Level/s: 4
Issuing Authority: Skills for Justice
Issue Date: 23/03/2017

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This framework provides qualifications for those working in the provision of probate. Achieving this apprenticeship will help to build a professional career in probate law and work on a range of standard non-contentious matters as a Probate Technician.

Probate Technicians support the fee earning activities of a principal probate practitioner by working on a brief defined by the supervisor to action legal and tax procedures related to the administration of an estate.The work involves dealing with the affairs of a deceased person (“estate”) and liaising with their representatives (executors or administrators) to administer the estate in accordance with their Will or under the Intestacy provisions (should they have not left a Will). Working in probate will be a varied role as no two Estates are the same and involves dealing with clients often at an emotional time therefore being able to show empathy and understanding is a must.