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Framework Title: Master Craftsperson Level 4 Recognition Scheme
ID: FR05006
Level/s: 4
Issuing Authority: Enginuity
Issue Date: 16/12/2019

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Currently around half of the companies operating in the AM&M sector in Wales have

well-trained, experienced craftspeople in a leadership/coaching/mentoring role. These roles vary greatly between organisations. The Master Craftsperson qualification at Level 4 provides individuals with more effective mobility within the sector and organisations with a common reference point and language when considering the skills and attributes of their workforce.

This framework has 1 pathway which leads to the award of the Master Craftsperson Level 4 Recognition Scheme:

Pathway 1 – Master Craftsperson

This pathway is for candidates that would like to have the opportunity to gain a coaching and mentoring qualification in the workplace plus a Level 4 or Level 5 engineering knowledge qualification at college or university

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