Basic Information Amendments

ACW is designed with the idea of apprentice’s progressing through a number of different apprenticeships throughout their career. We understand that over the course of their learning an Apprentice can change their name for a variety of reasons however we have a duty to ensure that we issue certificates accurately. Therefore we may require you to load additional evidence to ACW that confirms the name change. Acceptable forms of Name Change Evidence include:


  • Marriage Certificate
  • Civil Partnership Certificate
  • Gender Recognition Certificate
  • Enrolled Deed Poll
  • Act of Parliament
  • Unenrolled deed poll/Change of name deed
  • Certificate from the Court of the Lord Lyon of Scotland
  • Birth Certificate (upon re-registration)
  • Baptismal/Confirmation certificate (for Christian names only)
  • Certificate of Naturalisation/Registration
  • Adoption order/certificate (these will not normally be provided as a change of name evidence)
  • Statutory Declaration/Affidavit


It is very difficult to produce comprehensive guidance on the range of evidence above. We have also agreed that we would accept a signed statement from the Apprentice which are also countersigned and dated by someone in authority. This person in authority should not be an employee of the apprentice’s appointed training provider and the most common counter signatory used successfully is the Apprentice’s employer contact. These statements can also be used to confirm discrepancies between Dates of Birth and Gender on achievement evidence and the details held in ACW. The following examples are a guideline to you to advise your Apprentice’s on how to produce an acceptable statement for use on ACW.

Spelling Discrepancies

Should an apprentice’s record contain any spelling differences of forename or surname (i.e. Either between the apprentice basic information details and a piece of evidence, Or between two or more pieces of evidence), then supporting evidence should be provided explaining why there are differences present in the record.


This supporting evidence can be of a similar structure to the above name change statements which should advise as to why there are naming differences, or why a spelling error exists, and confirm the correct spelling. The supporting evidence should be signed and dated by the apprentice and the employer.
Created 14.10.16
Updated 07.12.17