Pre 2006 Transferable Skills Evidence

Please see link to our new Essential Skills document.

Acceptable Evidence

As well as full certificates we will also accept alternative forms of evidence as long as they meet the minimum OfQual requirements:


  • Full name of the learner
  • Qualification name
  • Qualification type
  • Level/Grade achieved (However, please note that this is ONLY required where achievement of a specific grade or level is an explicit Apprenticeship requirement)
  • Date of achievement/award
  • Awarding Organisation identifier

Due to the volume of evidence available it is not possible to include a comprehensive list in this guidance. Each of the examples below meet the requirements and are therefore acceptable:


Click on a thumbnail to increase the size of the image. To close an image, click on the cross in the top left hand corner of the screen. To increase image size further, select the View Full Size Button on the screen. Scroll through the carousel of evidence examples by clicking on the big arrow heads at the edges of the screen. To exit the carousel, click on the cross in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Unacceptable Evidence

This section has examples of evidence that we deemed to be unacceptable as they do not meet the minimum criteria or not acceptable transferable skills.

Trying to Locate Historical Certificates?

If you are trying to track down historical certificates but they are unsure where to go, please consult the following link for further information.


Created 14.10.16
Updated 11.09.17