Changes to Employer Sector Field

21st February 2014

A new mandatory field will be added to ACW. The Employer Sector field will allow for a greater understanding of the employers you work with. On Tuesday 25th February a new drop down will appear on the employer details asking you to choose one of the following options:


– Agriculture, forestry and fishing

– Information and communication technologies

– Care

– Real estate and facilities management

– Construction, building services

– Transport and storage engineering and planning

– Creative media and entertainment

– Education

– Energy production and utilities

– Health

– Hospitality, Tourism and Sport

– Information and communication technologies

– Real estate and facilities management

– Transport and storage

– Wholesale and retail trade

– Financial, insurance & other professional services

– Government

– Manufacturing


PLEASE NOTE: You will be expected to enter this information for all candidates at Entered or Rejected status on ACW. You will not be able to submit a candidate for certification without entering this information.