Changes to the ERR Requirements

21st February 2014

From Tuesday 25 February;

• Where ERR is a mandatory requirement in a framework, new declarations regarding its achievement by an Apprentice must be made on the Frameworks Tab before a certification claim can be submitted.


• There may be some Apprentice records that get caught in the transition period, for example, if a learner was at Entered or Rejected and did already have ERR evidence uploaded pre 25th Feb 2014 then, after the ACW changes, when they are changed to Pending Certification they will be required to tick ERR on the Frameworks Tab before the status change will be accepted.


• There is now no requirement for separate achievement evidence of ERR to be uploaded to the Evidence Tab within ACW.


Completion Date


• The Completion Date field has been replaced by a Submission Date and this will auto populate when a learner record is changed to Pending Certification. The Submission Date will be read-only and cannot be edited by ACW users. If a claim is subsequently rejected and re-submitted, the Submission Date remains unchanged from the original date of submission.


NOTE – the end date field will be removed from the bulk upload template. You will need to download the new bulk upload template form to be used from the 25th February onward. Please click here for more information.


Electronic Signatures


We are currently developing an approvals process for those wishing to use e-signatures and all requests that we have received so far will be dealt with as soon as possible. Anyone who would like to use e-signatures on our forms going forward and hasn’t yet contacted us should do so immediately at